The drive train, often called a drive line, is an often overlooked component of a vehicle’s maintenance. It is not uncommon for it to be overlooked until a problem occurs with the lesser known components. Annual service at Fifth Gear Automotive can ensure your vehicle receives all of its recommended service on time. In addition, annual service can identify developing problems and advancing wear, enabling auto repair in Lewisville, TX to be provided before you end up stranded on the road.

The transfer of power in the drive train begins with the engine and transmission. From the transmission, the power the engine generates is transferred through the drive line components to the wheels. If a problem occurs in the drive line, your vehicle will not be going anywhere, as the drive train is what turns its wheels.

Transmission service is one component of the drive train that is frequently overlooked. It requires periodic service with the fluid changed and filter(s) replaced. Fifth Gear ASE certified mechanics can provide you with reliable maintenance service and auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

The components of the drive train differ between front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles. In simplified terms, in the front wheel drive, the trans axle houses both the transmission function and the differential function. The shafts that transfers power to each front wheel, exits the trans axle. The shaft is connected to the wheel by a CV joint, otherwise know as a constant velocity joint. The CV joint is protected by an airtight, flexible rubber boot. The CV joint wears out over time, requiring replacement with auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

Proper service of the drive train includes inspecting the CV boot. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance of the trans axle and CV joints. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the automotive services your vehicle needs.

The rear wheel drive vehicle drive train begins with the driveshaft that connects the transmission to the differential on the rear axle. The shaft(s) are connected to the transmission and the rear differential with universal joints, also called u-joints. These joints can wear out over time. When wear occurs in the U joints, you may hear a clunking sound  when shifting into drive or reverse. Never ignore this sign, contact Fifth Gear Automotive to schedule auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

In a rear wheel drive vehicle, the differential on the rear axle transfers power out to the rear wheels. Maintenance includes periodic changing of the differential fluid, and inspection during the annual service checkup. The owner’s manual will specify the frequency of the service required. When fluid changes are neglected, wear and tear is accelerated, resulting in the need for auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

Four Wheel Drive Vs. All Wheel Drive

Many people often confuse all wheel drive and four wheel drive. The difference between them is an all wheel drive vehicle transfers power to all of the wheels all of the time, whereas in a four wheel drive, the transfer is optional.

In most all wheel drive vehicles, power is shifted to the front or the back wheels, depending on where the traction is needed. Most all wheel drive vehicles are designed to perform best on dry pavement, with some designed for off road use. All wheel drive vehicles are similar to front wheel drive with the addition of a center differential that transfers power to the rear differential. The all wheel drive vehicle requires the same service as a front wheel drive, in addition to service on the center and rear differentials. Fifth Gear Automotive can provide the maintenance, inspection and auto repair in Lewisville, TX  that your vehicle requires.

Four wheel drive vehicles go where other vehicles are unable to go.  While they can handle the conditions of mud, sand, rocks and steep inclines, when used on dry pavement they experience decreased gas mileage and accelerated tire wear.  This is the reason four wheel drive vehicles have the option of shifting to rear wheel drive only for normal driving conditions.  Essentially, a four wheel drive vehicle could be considered a rear wheel drive with the ability to transfer power to the front wheels in addition to the rear wheels. The vehicle uses a transfer case to engage power to the front wheels in addition to the rear for four wheel drive. The four wheel drive vehicle requires service for both the front and rear differentials and for the transfer case as well.  Transfer cases are a common problem with four wheel drive. It also requires periodic fluid changes to extend its service life. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide the maintenance and the auto repair in Lewisville, TX that you require.

Essentially, various components of the drive train require fluid changes to prevent premature wear and damage due to contaminated or broken down lubricants. In older model vehicles, some components, such as U joints, will require periodic lubrication. There is no doubt the service schedule in your owner’s manual can be a lot to keep up with this. Annual maintenance on your vehicle in Fifth Gear Automotive can take the stress off of you, when our mechanics provides an annual inspection and service for your car. We will be glad to provide you with reliable service and/or auto repair in Lewisville, TX.

The recommended maintenance service schedule can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Providing routine maintenance in all recommended systems is essential in helping to ensure your vehicle’s reliability, performance and extending its service life. If your vehicle has not had any of these services, or requires other maintenance and, check your manual and schedule service and/or auto repair in Lewisville, TX. at Fifth Gear Automotive. You can rely on the professionalism and comprehensive attention to detail provided by our certified auto technicians for all makes and models of automobiles.