Ashton is a Service Advisor for our Fifth Gear Automotive shop in Argyle, Texas. Since the moment Ashton has joined the team he has been a workhorse in going above and beyond to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Today we wanted to take a moment to introduce him to all our Fifth Gear Automotive family! 

We took the time to sit down and talk with Ashton a little bit. Remember, to read the interviewer’s questions in Sam Elliott’s voice.

Ashton, now this is a simple process, I’m gonna ask you questions, all you got to do is answer them. (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

So what brought you to Fifth Gear Automotive? (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

I’m happy you asked that Sam. I previously worked for Fifth Gear as a technician when I was younger. It was one of the best work experiences I ever had and can honestly say I have never worked for a better company. I was eager to come back to the company. 

That’s great Ashton. Tell us a little bit about yourself? (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

Well Sam, I’m originally from the Pelican State. Very proud of that. I did move here to Tejas as a young whipper snapper, where I graduated from Marcus High School in Flower Mound. I have been in the automotive industry since I was 16 years old. I had the privilege of starting my career at Fifth Gear Automotive. I’m very happy to be back with such a great company. The comradery is unmatched in our industry. 

Ashton, this is some solid info. Let’s take a minute to dive into some of the more serious questions. If you could pick one colleague in the shop to take on a trip with you to Cancun, who would take and why? (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

Well Sam, that’s an outstanding question. But real fast, can I call you Virgil… Virgil Earp from Tombstone? I absolutely love that movie and would love to call you Virgil? 

No……., answer the question son. (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

Alright, well if I was going to Cancun. Hell, I would have to take Kenny one of our porters. Kenny has a special skill in speaking the language of the people of Cancun. I am very confident he would be able to locate the best tacos for us. 

Understood. So we can see that you are fitting in well here in Argyle. Among all your colleagues, who is your favorite to work with? (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

That’s a tough choice, but I would have to say that it would have to be Cory. Cory has a very soothing voice. 

Uh huh….Let’s change subjects. If you were a ghost, who would you haunt?  (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

Easy. That would be my hometown Walmart. It’s the scariest place I know. 

I see. I’m not much of the haunting type, but I do hunt. (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

That’s great Sam. I also have been known to reach my bag limit. 

Good stuff son. So where do you see yourself in 10 years? (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

My goal is to either be managing an automotive business or having an offroad accessories shop. 

It’s good to have goals. Now, back to the important information. When you go swimming, do you prefer cannon ball or jack knife? (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

Well once again Sam, you have asked an outstanding question. I recently started dabbling in the art of Bando. Now, Bando was developed in Burma and influenced by Chinese and Indian martial art styles. Bando bases its movements on those of animals, such as boars, pythons, and scorpions. So now that it’s hotter than a fire hydrant chasin a dog….I can finally go to the pool and practice my Boar and Python jumps. 



Son, you are full of surprises. I’m scared to ask, but if you could live in any time period, what time would you go back to? (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

That’s easy Samuel. It would be….

It’s Sam. (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

I apologize, Sam. I would definitely go back to the old wild west days. I can see myself riding the trail with the kid! Sometimes I put on Keith Urban and just thank God I’m a good ol country boy!

Keith Urban you say. Gotcha, well in regards to cats or dogs, which one do you prefer? (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

Well that’s easy, after months of trying to get my cat to fetch my slippers, I realized I’m pretty much a dog guy. 

Speaking of animals, if you could talk to just one animal, which one would it be? (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

That would be a fish, Mr. Sam. I often find myself staring at my goldfish Mr. Cheeto. I think he has some good stories about the world before he lived in this bowl. 

Well, that’s all I got for you, Mr. Ashton. It’s been great gaining some more insight into you and getting to know you. (Sam Elliott’s Voice)

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