Jeff Smith is a Service Advisor for our Fifth Gear Automotive shop in Lewisville, Texas.

Jeff, a college graduate of SMU in Dallas is married to his best friend, Summer. They have two grown boys who are 25 and 17.

Jeff originally from Pecos, Texas came to work for Fifth Gear Automotive two years ago. However, he is been in the Automotive field for over 25 years!

We took the time to sit down and talk with Jeff a little bit. Remember, to read the interviewer’s questions in Morgan Freeman’s voice.

So Jeff, we wanted to take some time to get to know you better. Let’s start simple. What is your favorite genre of music and why? 

Well Sean, I spend a lot of time thinking about how I missed my calling to be the drummer in White Snake. So I guess you can say I’m all in with the 80’s. I remember the lead singer begging me to join the band. Sadly, I was bull riding at the time, on my way to Cheyenne, and just had to see this thing through. 

Wow Jeff, that’s amazing, and sounds like you got some great stories! I feel like we should talk more about that, but let’s move into the next question. So most of our readers want to know if you were to live in any other time period in the world, which one would it be? 

Well Sean, I’m happy you asked that. My wife and I often talk about living in the ’50s. Time was much more simple, technology wasn’t so confusing. Every now and then the wife and I will pull all-nighters watching Happy Days and listening to La Bamba in our living room.


Interesting. So if you were to vacation anywhere, where would you go? 

I’ve often thought about going to Tibet to seek the meaning of life. But lately, I’m good at grabbing my RV and heading to the Grand Canyon. 

Very good. So Jeff, with all this experience you have in life, is there anything you decided to collect along the way? 

I actually collect lunch boxes. No joke. I got all kinds of lunch boxes from all different times. 

Very awesome Jeff, now to more important questions. If there was a nuclear fallout, who at Fifth Gear Automotive would you team up with to survive? 

Easy, Matt Higgs. Between Matt’s personality and our supplies. I can easily see us making it another 20 years. Plus with modern technology and science, we most likely will not just survive but discover the formula to live forever. 

That is a very good point. So what if you were a ghost, who would you haunt? 

Well Sean, that would probably be you. I just got this funny feeling that following you around and jumping out at you at random times would keep me going strong in the afterlife. 

Good stuff, Jeff. How about sports, do you have a favorite team? 

I’m actually a huge fan of the Pittsburg Steelers. 

Moving forward, if you were at the swimming pool, would you do a Cannon Ball or a Jack Knife? 

Great question. My wife and I have been dabbling in yoga for two people. We are currently perfecting the seated cat-cow. I’m confident that she and I could both Cannonball into the pool…swim over to each other…and perfect the cat-cow position underwater. Last week we made it 15 seconds in and would have had it, but she “needed” air. Go figure. 

Gotcha. If you could be any animal, which one would it be? 

Well, that’s easy. I would be a sloth. 

That’s great Jeff. I’m sure there is a story there but let’s move into the next question. If you had to take one colleague with you to Cancun for the weekend. Who would you take? 

Easy, definitely you Sean. I got a feeling we would turn that place upside down.

Ha, you are probably right Jeff! I appreciate the invite. Last question, if you had to give Adam, the young service advisor here at Fifth Gear Automotive some wise advice for his future, what would you say? 

A wedding band is the smallest handcuff ever made. Make sure you choose your cellmate wisely. Write that down, Adam. 

Sounds like some knowledge we all could use! Thank you Jeff, and keep up the excellent work!