Jamie is the Shop Manager for our Fifth Gear Automotive shop in Argyle, Texas. Today we wanted to take a moment to introduce him to all our Fifth Gear Automotive family! 

We took the time to sit down and talk with Jamie a little bit. Remember, to read the interviewer’s questions in James Earl Jones’s voice.

Jamie, thank you so much for taking a moment to sit down and visit with us. We are hoping to learn a little more about what makes Jamie, Jamie. So let’s jump in! 

So what brought you to Fifth Gear Automotive? (James Earl Jones’ Voice)

This morning it was a Toyota Prius, some days it is a Tacoma or a Mustang.

But seriously, I came to Fifth Gear to be part of a growing automotive-based business that helps to make sure the team members have a good work-life balance and invests in growing the team member to the next level and beyond.

Fifth Gear strives to challenge every employee to continue striving to meet our 5 gears. Career-minded, Always growing, and family focus are three of the 5 Gears that we have set at our foundation. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (James Earl Jones’ Voice)

In ten years I would like to be working with some aspect of overseeing the opening of new locations of Fifth Gear and to bring our topnotch customer service to areas that are not familiar with us yet. 

Excellent answer, Jamie. Let’s get into some of those life-altering serious questions now. If you could take one colleague with you on an all-expense-paid trip to Cancun, who would you take and why? (James Earl Jones’ Voice)

I was hoping you would ask that question. That’s easy, it would be Celso over in Lewisville. He has a great attitude and handles all situations with a smile. He also speaks the language and could help us find the best non-tourist spots to party! 

That is great, and agreeing to know the language could help a lot! Moving forward, let’s discuss what your spirit animal is and why? (James Earl Jones’ Voice)

My spirit animal is a shark. They are good with waking up each day and swimming around, not being afraid of much of anything, then eating and biting stuff as they see fit. If we need to get more specific and what type of shark, I’d be happy to go more into detail.

Nah, I think we got it. (James Earl Jones’ Voice) 

Let’s discuss music. Is there any type of specific music that really gets you going? (James Earl Jones’ Voice)

Yes, sir! EDM. Toss me some glow sticks and let me do my magic! 

Intriguing. I also love EDM. (James Earl Jones’ Voice) 

Let’s say you were a ghost, who would you haunt and why? (James Earl Jones’ Voice)

My first thought is my ex-wife, but on a better note, I would haunt my kids so I could continue to be a part of their lives and get to see my grandchildren.

Great answers so far, Jamie. Moving forward, how about sports, got a favorite team? (James Earl Jones’ Voice) 

Not a huge sports fan anymore, pro athletes have destroyed most of the sports, but if I have to pick I think Highschool football would be mine. I like a good Friday night Texas Highschool Football Game, my team is the Trinity High School Trojans. 

Outstanding. Have you ever thought about talking to animals, if so which one would you talk to? (James Earl Jones’ Voice) 

I would like to know what my fish Oscar thinks each day and our dogs Jessie and Lucy, I’d love to know what they are thinking too.

What period would you go back in time to visit? (James Earl Jones’ Voice) 

The 80’s, it was the greatest decade. People often say I look like Judd Nelson from the breakfast club. I kind of see it. 

I can definitely see you winning a Judd Nelson look-a-like contest. How about collecting? Do you collect anything interesting? (James Earl Jones’ Voice) 

I do. Guns….Knives……oh, and RC Trucks.

If everything in your house had to be one color what color would you choose? (James Earl Jones’ Voice) 


That is outstanding. In regards to food, do you got a favorite dessert? (James Earl Jones’ Voice) 

Banana Pudding!

The last question, if you were at the pool, would it be a cannonball or jackknife dive into the pool? (James Earl Jones’ Voice) 

Easily the cannon ball. In fact, Cory and Steve up here have a contest going with me on who will make the biggest splash this summer. I get those two beat!

Jamie, thank you so much for taking the time to let us introduce you. We enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate you for your hard work! (James Earl Jones’ Voice)